Guest artists at The Apartment #12, Nov 2019

Diamond Frances

Engages with the reality of her life and emotions to preserve imagery that captures her attention,  especially portraiture in recent paintings. Absurdity often enters her work before considering it finished.

Russell John

I often start with a ‘mistake’, putting obstacles in my way, using destroyed brushes that are too big or too small, or sanding, drilling, or printing from an unpredictable material invites disorder enough to allow me to bring a failing image back to life. 

Amanda Danicic painting

Amanda Danicic

Amanda's art varies from detailed, intricate drawings or etchings to vibrant and intense abstract colour studies. Her work includes etchings, lithographs, screenprints, drawings and paintings.

The Apartment Resident Team

Teresa Witz

Teresa is an internationally renowned portrait painter of modern known and unknown icons. She explores different ways of presenting women through the direction and object gaze, pose, style and the role of the observor.

Paolo Fiorentini

Paolo is a visual artist, curator, art teacher and designer. His art practice is informed by the shifting of the identity and the restrictions or limitation imposed by the environment where we live.

Graeme Balfour

Graeme explores the human condition using watercolours and light and  glass in photographic, video and mixed-media installations.

Lynn Carter

From childhood reminiscences to actual observations, Lynn's small scale oil paintings depict how the East London urban landscape is changing.

The event

Three views of people at the event

Setting up

The pieces

Photos coming soon.