Guest artists at The Apartment #13, April 2022

Pierre Bureau

Pierre is a photographer and workshop facilitator living in East London using photography as a powerful tool to improve well-being. His practice of street photography enables him to connect with people and himself in a playful way.

Maliha Haider

Maliha is a London-based Pakistani writer and translator. Her writing journey yearns to find home in objects, people and places. Her poems have a cosistent theme of human-absurdity, paradox and nostalgia.

Joanna Penso

Joanna works with film, sound, text and digital drawing to create multi-faceted installations exploring human connection, and common barriers to it. Penso’s approach is often confrontational; presenting themes which are typically regarded as negative and juxtaposing them with irony and sprinkles of humour.

Victoria Guitierrez del Alamo

Victoria believes that everything around us can inspire us in many ways. She discovered that collages are the best way for her to express feelings, deal with pain and reach people.

The Apartment Resident Team

Teresa Witz

Teresa is an internationally renowned portrait painter of modern known and unknown icons. She explores different ways of presenting women through the direction and object gaze, pose, style and the role of the observor.

Paolo Fiorentini

Paolo is a visual artist, curator, art teacher and designer. His art practice is informed by the shifting of the identity and the restrictions or limitation imposed by the environment where we live.

Graeme Balfour

Graeme explores the human condition using watercolours and light and  glass in photographic, video and mixed-media installations.

Lynn Carter

From childhood reminiscences to actual observations, Lynn's small scale oil paintings depict how the East London urban landscape is changing.

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Setting up

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