The Apartment #5 – March 2015

For this 5th Apartment evening, guest Dallas Seitz will exhibit and co-curate the work of eight other invited artists along with the residents.

In the Salon of the Collectorexic

Making connections from objects to objects – playing with groupings, distorting them, reproducing them – is now common in art practice. The intertextuality between objects, images and means of display has become a way to investigate, quote, parody, and relate to art.

This exhibition brings together the work from a range of artists that refer to this intertextuality through objects and painting that speak of collecting, craft-making, furniture building, and notions on foreign curiosities. Pulling from early displays of art works and objects the “Salon” is the basis for this exhibition. Imported, hunted, found, stolen, made, objects and images became the symbol of the wealthy and cultured, this leading to Museums and Galleries being built to house the various private collections. Now these collections have become beacons of historical value, culture and intellect. Looking at these major national Museums and collections the intent of the exhibition is to create a discussion about how contemporary artists have used this in their own practise.

Guest Artists
Hilary JackNikky PlewsGalen RileyJonathan GentDnA FactoryMaslen & MehraAlex MacGregor, Dallas Seitz

 The Apârtment core team
Teresa Witz, Paolo Fiorentini, Lynn Carter, I. Carlos

Dallas Seitz