The Apârtment #9 – November 2017

The ninth Apârtment art event was an held on the 14th -17th November 2017, entering it’s fourth year.

The concept draws on the unusual homely layout of the studios, making it an open welcoming space for resident and invited artists to co-create and foster new networks. The Apârtment is about finding new ways to exhibit a spectrum of visual and performative work and explores a dialogue between the space, the art works and the visiting audience.

Gallery of the Apartment #9

Live instagram feed

The Artists

Teresa Witz

Teresa Witz’s oil paintings on wooden panels investigate patterns of behaviour in women’s handbag contents.

Paolo Fiorentini

Paolo Fiorentini’s biro drawings on paper depict incomplete portraits of individuals located in a distant past in an effort to rebuild an hypothetical long lost family genealogy.

Graeme Balfour

Graeme explores the human condition using refracted light through glass in photographic, video and mixed-media installations.

Lynn Carter

From childhood reminiscences to actual observations, Lynn Carter’s small scale oil paintings depict how the East London urban landscape is changing.

By Giovanna Del Sarto

Giovanna Del Sarto

Giovanna examines the European humanitarian crisis through photography, tracking experiences of precarious living.

Churchill by L.A. MacDonald

L.A. MacDonald

Linda’s printmaking work absorbs many of the most well-known, mediated images of the 20th century from film and celebrity culture, utilising extended silkscreen processes on a large scale.