The Apartment #4 – October 2014

Guest Artists



Jim Vernon studied painting at Goldsmiths College.
His work is inextricably linked to his love and creative exploration of water based paints interacting with paper. He works with watercolour in it’s purist form on a large scale, creating bands of translucent pigment, each one being a simple, but complete statement; a manifestation of being: a breath breathed.



Suke Driver is a musician and student film-maker in her second year of Creative Media Production at LCCA.
Suke’s short film, Balfron Tower – ​27 Storeys of Brutalust, explores her 2 years living on the 21st floor of the building and the inspiration​al effect it had upon her​. It also pays homage to its creator and brutalist sensibilities – ​acknowledging the demise of its social housing status towards privatisation, along the way, to an original bass driven soundscape.
Designed by Erno Goldfinger and built between 1965-67, Balfron Tower as an example of 1960’s brutalist architecture. It is situated on the Brownfield Estate, Poplar along with two other Goldfinger blocks, Caradale House and Glenkerry House.




Richard Clark & Alex MacGregor produced a series of collages which select, superimpose‎ and replace silhouettes from found graphics, forging a new commentary on contemporary culture and symbols.



alex-priorAlex Prior studied at UCA Maidstone were he received a BA (HONS) in Illustration, and he’s currently Gallery Manager and Curator at T5 Gallery. Alex strives to create work that encourages the viewer to pause and look closer, to draw in and reveal the overlooked and the unseen. He looks to amplify the subtle signifiers and traces held within locations and present these to the viewer. Layering and repetition are employed as a means to evoke dormant memories and these are often fractured glances of a fleeting moment. Experiments, and occasionally accidents, form an important part of how the work develops, various materials, techniques and processes are often combined to allow for unexpected results and the forming of new directions.




Leila McMillan is a choreographer, teacher and dance artist. She recently worked for 4 weeks with 7 dance artists, a music producer, film maker, photographer and producer to further develop David Zambrano’s Flying Low and Passing Through Techniques at Greenwich Dance. Film maker, Emma Crouch, created a series of films to capture the project. ‘Family Portrait’, a new dance work, derived from this development period. The work passes through a constellation of family portraits through pure movement.

Suke Driver

Leila McMillan